Diamond gem

Hey it's Diamond! Yes, Its true im a hunter at least :-)


I will show you guys all my achivements and how I got them... Paparazzi (Craft a camera and took a photo) Space Climber (Crafted and used 500 ladders on ground!) a lot of wood... Wind in your Sails (Crafted and road my boat) Jaws (found an icy lake and the ice trapped the baby shark and I killed it with my bare hands and hung it up in my wooden mansion) Find a emerald ( in a cave that become my second blockhead in a dif world house) Find a sapphire (found a sapphire in my sec blockhead house) Found a amethyst (Again my house) Pyro (burned a huge tree with a dropbear in it and burned it with an ember from the campfire) Diggy Diggy Hole (mined and crafted a pickaxe) Story teller (made and used 21 campfire's) Clothing (Craft and wore leather pants) Hat (crafted and wore sun brimmed hat) Home sweet home (placed a sign that said: Welcome to Gabriella's Sweet Home!) a better sleep (crafted and used A soft bed) Green fingers ( Accidently Planted a seed) Brighter light ( Placed and crafted thousands of Lanterns!)

Flint Pickaxe

Flint Pickaxe


Now when you dig to the center bring a chest of food, (I recommend a soft bed) Warm clothing, and remember to just bring MILLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLIOOOOOOOOONSSSSSSSSSS of pickaxe's!!!!!!!!!!! Now u know why?????????????????!!!!?!?!?!!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!? Because I only brought, a chest, one basket, NO Clothing! and 5 stone picks. RAN OUT! >:-(

And rememeber don't kill a cave troll with hands, follow my tips, and NEVER EVER EVAR EVAR! stand on lava... >:-( Don't! dig down in a straight line when going, 'cuz all I found was 3 GOLD NUGGETS!!! >:-( :-'(