Crafting requires you to get one Dirt and use the Portal to spawn in your first workbench, or you can click on your Blockhead and buy one for 50 Time Crystals. Workbenches are used various crafting tables. Here are what the Workbench offers:
  • Tool Bench, useful for making Pickaxes, Axes, Spades, and various Weapons of many different kinds of materials.
  • Craft Bench
  • Kiln
  • Furnace, used to make Tin, Copper, Bronze, Iron, Steel, and Gold Ingots.
  • Press, for making Oil and a select number of Color Pigments.
  • Woodwork Bench, which will enable Blockheads to make Ladders, Chests, Beds, Trapdoors, etc., from wood.
  • Tailor's Bench, used to make clothing out of Leather, Linen, and Fur.
  • Mixing Bench, great for making Paint of various colors.
  • Dye Bench, enabling your Blockhead to dye their clothes.
  • Stonemason's bench, which makes columns and stairs

Dying wallsEdit

I have gotten a lot of complaints on how to use dye, but this is how: you have to paint it on a five dimensional wall. Paint it above, below, left, right, and front.