Diamond gem

Okay! 1. Bring your blockhead through the portal. Once you've done that, You'll want select your flint spade (shovel) in your inventory and dig up a piece of dirt ( doesn't have to be by portal but I recommend it should be.) 2. Tap the portal. ( a blue circle where you brought your blockhead though.) Tap warp in or craft. 3. Do you see a tree? If you do, climb up it and take all produce or pinecones, destroy the leaves, and then the wood from the top down; replant one item of produce in the ground. If you don't have a nearby tree by the portal, take your workbench and return by sunset because pine trees spawn dropbears (
Tree in BH

Player with tree.

4. Place your workbench back down. Look in your inventory. See any sticks? You need 10. So if you don't have any, go find another tree and chop it down with your hands. Tap the campfire icon, and then craft. Wait until the bar is full. You'll need it at to craft torches for light, while it creates a light source as well. 5. Take your flint spade and dig up a dirt block and some flint.
Flint ore before digging

Flint ore before digging

Now your blockhead will start to be unhappy. You know this because the happy icon bar is red just a little that's bad but it just means she/he is tired or hungry. Now, don't panic because the way David designed blockheads unlike minecraft is you can never die no matter if both bars are red or if you get attacked by a cavetroll or dropbear or stand on lava or run out of air in space. and get bitten by a shark. Or fall or drown OR ANYTHING! 6. Once you have a house and a tool bench and a craft bench its best to search for flax. You need five flax or seeds. wait for it to be grown.
Flax seed

Flax seed

Now upgrade your work bench with 5 stone. Make a flint pickaxe and Lets go!
Flint Pickaxe

Flint Pickaxe

7. once you have made some clothing out of linen and leather/ fur

you get that from dropbears. Now im not saying you can't kill dropbears and get a little hurt. You can heal by eating food and resting. You'll just need a spear to kill. 8. Cavetroll's aren't that common. People keep saying there by lave/center of the earth but ive digged to center and actally stood on lava but never found a single cave troll or diamond! can't find a pic of cave troll :-(

End of guide! thanks for reading! im making another about do's and donts! bye guys! Contact me at Blockhead Fourms user: Diamond and yes its actally true David Frampton the creator of BH is on there! Happy Holidays! :-)

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