Diamond gem

Hey it's Diamond! Yes, Its true im a hunter at least :-)

         ○ Do's                                                                             sorry guys it won't 
         ○ Eat food                                                                        let me posts donts! 
                                                                                           :-( sorry for                                                                                              tech errors. and embarssed. What is this thing doing to me!! >:( 
                                                                                           Im disapontted 
          when hungry 
          ○ travel far with
           warm clothing 
              food, chests etc.  
              ○ cut trees down with
                 axe in daylight. 
                    ○ make a workbench 
                         and other blockhead 
                             needs right away
                                before travling
                                  ○ bring torches 
                                     when in dark. 
                                        ○ build a