The Donkey is an animal that can be found in the overworld, which serves as a source for tailoring materials & for use as a mount. It may as well be used as a faster ground transport witha carrot on a stick. Its noticeable that when eventually using a donkey as transport, it will die, no such thing is noticeable by wild or non mounted or affected donkeys. Donkeys spawn near carrot plants. If they are trapped in ice or are standing on magama, they will not despawn or die.  

Donkey from the blockheads


Possible DropsEdit

0-3 Leather.

0-2 Carrot.

Appearance & BehaviourEdit

To your right, you see an image of a donkey. It is grey (as expected) and has a white mouth. Baby donkeys are smaller and will occasionally jump in the air, making squeaks of a higher pitch than adult donkeys. Donkeys wander around a bit, but do not stray too far away from their spawn-carrots, because donkeys starve when not near a carrot for too long.


When you ride a donkey, you earn an achievement called 'Travel in Style'