Electric stoves need electricity to run and look like your usual kitchen oven, with no fire. Electric stoves are rather advanced.

Electric stoves are blocks that can be used to cook food faster than a campfire. They can be crafted at the level 4 workbench for one steel block, ten copper wire, and one iron pot. They can cook dodo stew for one iron pot, one raw dodo meat, one carrot, and one corn. After eating the dodo stew, your blockheads hunger bar will turn yellow even if it's not full and you will get the iron pot back.

You can also craft fish curry for one iron pot, one raw fish, one chili, and one coconut. This will give the same results upon eating as of the dodo stew.

You can get coffee for one cup, one bucket of water, and one roasted coffee bean. Upon eating, you energy bar, as well as the hunger bar, will increase. After eating, you will get the cup and one bucket ( no water) back.

You can also craft a roasted coffee bean for one green coffee bean.

Also you can craft a cooked dodo meat and fish meat. Fish meat also requires tin foil, like in the campfire.

Though it requires the same things as in the campfire to make dodo meat and fish meat, the crafting is faster. However, the crafting times are still rather slow.