Gems from the blockheads

All the gems together

This Article is about all the gems, the places where they can be found, their uses and else.

Gems are Listed Here:

-Amethyst: A very common gem, the first one needed to upgrade a time portal. Can be easily found sitting by a rock

-Sapphire: Very common gem, second upgrade of time portal. Can be found in a dark cave sitting on walls.

-Emerald: A fairly rare Gem, used to make green dye. Can be used as the third upgrade of time portal.

-Ruby: A very rare gem, Portal Upgrade, can be obtained through meditation or by reaching very low levels of earth. (most commonly found near the center of the earth). Rarely found though (can be found in deep golden chests with other precious treasure.)

-Diamond: A extremely rare gem, Originally an ore, but it's considered a gem after being taken from the stone,the final portal upgrade. Found with cave trolls*, guarding it with 2 golden chests and ice torches.

All of the gems said before are also used to make gem pickaxes that will multiply the bonus of mining and can only be made through the portal, the number of time crystals will change for every portal upgrade. Amethyst pickaxes require 5 amethysts and 20 time crystals, Sapphire pickaxes require 5 sapphires and 40 time crystals, Emerald pickaxes require 5 emeralds and 60 time crystals, Ruby pickaxes require 5 rubies and 80 time crystals and furthermore, Diamond pickaxes require 5 diamonds and 100 time crystals.

You can also make chandeliers using the gems. Beautiful!

Time Crystals, Originally ores, can be mined to obtain time crystals to your amount. A shiny common block glows when near at night, found in small caves and large too. Sometimes in the start you'll see one in the bottom you can mine with a pickaxe or any of the gem pickaxes as well.

  • Cave Trolls debuted in version 1.5.

  • A rare ore found deep in earth.
  • A rare red gem found deep in earth or in chests.
  • a fairly rare green gem found in large caves on surface under dirt usually.
  • a common gem, found in mountain caves.
  • A very common gem, like a emerald but used less.