Diamond gem

Hey it's Diamond! Yes, Its true im a hunter at least :-)

                                                  Sharks!!! :-O 

Ok. Pretend or if its really happening, that you Unfortunately, Forgot to search for food, and craft a boat. This happened because you were so excited! >:-( So... No food, no clothing, no shelter, no campfire, nor supply, NOTHING! I MEAN XXX! See those 3 strikes your out! X-P OK... now the real thing, I guess it a summary.. :-/ Uh... Edit... I guess... Dig up some nearby sand, stone, sandstone, limestone, dirt, ice etc. If you see a baby shark make a downward tunel.. don't be a downer... Im a comemedian eh? LOL! :-) :-P Ok so... TIP: Baby sharks do not bite so don't worry if you freely swimming a see one. If you come towards it may stay still... But I higly recommend its possible. You can try. It wont hurt. Ok... Now go though the tunnel but it has to be snowing to do this. Farther away oceans from your portal snow non-stop. Trust me... You will see the baby shark will start to move forward and backward very fast. This is good. This means the shark is trying to escape. But don't worry it wont. Use your hands or any thing else to kill it. Now you will get a achievement and a shark jaw with 5 raw fish!! Good!! Ok... This level is Andimate. Now make a horizontal tunnel... Sand would be best. Now your going to use your self as bait for a minute. Use your fishing rod, to lure the shark inside...

Would be used best as a fish tunnel...

Now you have 2 ways... You could wait for the shark to die or you could go inside and kill the shark by placing a sand block behind you. I recommend 2. Plus the first will take a VERY long time. And the Mega shark Would escape! Now on 2... You may be bitten a few times! But its worth... You'll get a mega shark jaw if the shark is HUGE! Place it on the walls... of house...

Thanks for reading guys! make sure to leave a comment! merry chrimas/ Happy new year! Look out when swimming across a huge ocean that's have way around the earth! Remember Sharks drop clothing, and you'll get a achivment if you catch a baby shark in a bucket! bye guys!!!! see ya all on my next article!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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