Diamond gem

Hey it's Diamond! Yes, Its true im a hunter at least :-)

                                Hey guys!!!  Its Dmond here...      

                                          How To Make a Literal Jacuzzi 

           Italic text     Step. 1    Find  a  Lake. 
            Italic text     Step. 2   Start to dig up dirt blocks until the 
                                            lake is a perfect rectangle.             
            Italic text     Step. 3         Mine as much stone as it takes
                                                   to get around the lake don't 
                                                          put at top though.                         
              Italic text    Step. 4               Stack as many dirt blocks until
                                                            you get the other end. 
                   Italic text   Step. 5              dig the black sand, dirt, sand, etc.
                                                              along the sides and the bottom.
                     Italic text  Step. 6             Place as many campfires as it takes 
                                                             each seprated by a dirt block 
                                                               on the bottom. 
                            Italic text Step. 7 There you go!!! a Jacuzzi for you! try to build a 
                                                    structure around it along with a welcome sign along
                                                     with some doors, trapdoors, oil lanterns, and some
torches around it too.
My house in the blockheads

a structure is kinda like this look at the water image try to follow that as swell.