This is for anyone who is new to blockheads and still doesn't understand the basic concepts after the tutorial.
So after you warped in your blockhead and named him/her, your world will be expanded. If you are in a non-mountain biome, you can walk around looking for a tree, pick the available fruits from fruit trees (just tap and you'll get one in your inventory) If you are in a high mountain, you should head downhill a little and find a good place to live.
For now just dig with your hand to build a little tunnel. Again, just tap. You will get a block of dirt, which will be useful later.Then you can go and explore, but be sure to be back by sunset. Make sure you are in the tunnel by night, when the dropbears and scorpions attack. Trust me, you don't want to be near them! Now that you are at home, click your blockhead's profile and press "sleep". If the button is dull and doesn't do anything when you press it, you're not tired enough. Instead, press "meditate". In both cases, your time will speed up. Press "stop meditating" or "stop sleeping" if you want to.
Now go to the portal and tap it. You will see a basket-like item called "workbench" You need one block of dirt to craft it. You must press "build". In a short amount of time, you will be done. Now place it. Tap it, and you will see a lot more benches. Build whatever ones you want, with the right amount of supplies. Now that you can open up the ones you built, and you can craft something like a flint shovel, machete, etc.
Now you can craft more and more and become more modern. To do this, you will probably need another blockhead. The limit is five.
You can occasionally explore caves, crevices, etc. You might be able to find gems, ore, or even a golden chest!
Now that you understand the basics, what are you waiting for? Go on and play!