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Iron ore

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Iron Ingot

Iron IngotEdit

Iron Ingot is an important material. With it you can:

Iron oreEdit

Iron ore is an ore that is rarer than Copper, but not as rare as Gems and other precious minerals. When mined, Iron Ore blocks will drop 3 Iron Ores, which (obviously) can be smelted in a furnace to obtain 1 Iron Ingot for every 3 Iron Ore. Keep in mind that multiple ore are obtained per block. Iron can be difficult to find, but is more easily obtained in the mountains and deeper into the world. 

Hints/ TipsEdit

  • There is a more efficient way to craft iron ingots. The first thing you need is a electric furnace. Next, you will need Pig Iron (iron ore and crushed limestone). This way is better because instead of using 3 iron ore, you only use 1.