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The Blockheads is an IOS game similar to Minecraft and Terraria. You can break and place blocks, craft items, fight off Dropbears, and try not to starve. You can travel to the North Pole and back,cool right? watch the fishes, mine or even make a boat and sail the seas. Dig straight down to the core, or tower up into the starry heavens. The possibilities are endless!=Edit

Unlike a lot of other IOS games, you do not need to buy extra things to keep the game fun. You may buy "Time Crystals", but these can also be found in caves. Time crystals can be used by clicking the button with the picture of a crystal and a number.

For beginners, here is what it looks like in general:

The Blockheads - Secrets 1 (Special items, Space, and Earth Center)(05:02)
The Blockheads game for iOS
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