A Portal are found in the beginning of the game. The player has access to these uses that the portal can do. There can be upgrades that let the player unlock more things and rewards. The player can also warp in blockheads and only up to 4. Warping in blockheads costs certain fruits and time crystals. The prices of time crystals in warping in a blockhead comes up higher, starting from 50 time crystals to 200 time crystals. Upgrades are used by gems.

There are upgrades you can do:

Amethyst Portal- 1 amethyst, 20 time crystals

Sapphire Portal- 1 sapphire, 40 time crystals

Emerald Portal- 1 emerald, 60 time crystals

Ruby Portal- 1 ruby, 80 time crystals

Diamond Portal- 1 diamond, 100 time crystals

The player can create a portal and place it anywhere but you will need 100 time crystals. This can be made in a level 2 workbench.

  • Diamond Portal is the maxium/highest upgrade you can get to.
  • Starting from version 1.5, you can also make Trade Portals.