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I actually found 2 treasure chests just on the other side of the hill.

This page is about the huge update that happened June 25,2013

Added itemsEdit

They added treasure chests,shelves,and a huge server update. AND more!!

Solar panels


Sorry for the last time

fall down if you zoom into them when you were out!


They added servers & with that they added shops

oh and they added this metalwork bench with iron doors,safes,& iron trapdoors 

IMG 3342

the achivement you get when you find your first one. (prize varies)

For the dark side trollers and that from other games (any games with servers have trolls) and how could I forget the soft beds! they are better than wood beds and they let your blockheads proceed more and not slow down with energy decreasing! more info (or a better description) go too and go under what's new!