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                                    == Underwater Houses ==


Underwater House!!!

As you see in the image, This house Is party underwater... And that my friend is called a underwater house. And that is what we are going to talk about in this very article on your screen.

                                         == Materials ==

Most Underwater houses, are mostly built with ocean items, like sand, black sand, dirt, stone, and much more! Then, most players use a small lake that fits the house. Then they start building. When they are done they, add much more, on and on again! they add chests, beds, windows, doors, trapdoors, benches, chandeliers, fly wheel's, solar panel's, and much more stuff in electricity. But mainly, the rooms and stuff are upstairs.

                                      == How to know it's a lake ==

_There shall _be no sharks or fish. To know this, follow this step: The space should be no more than 180 blocks. To easily measure this you have 2 ways. Follow the underlined tip, or estimate. 1 should be good enough.

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