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  • Idontlikeit2

    Ok I'm back! Here's the photo

    Ok, so once you made the base, you should make. A glass wall three, not two blocks high. Then once you made it (stop at the place where your wood stopped) remove the bottoms again. Put an occasional torch if you did not do it part by part.

    You are probably wondering why you needed the base. It's because without it, your glass blocks would not make a wall.thus, your stairs could not be placed, unless you have the base witch is pretty ugly if you ask me.

    Ok, now put the stairs. Once you've reached the end, remove the base except for the highest block.

    This is part two. Wait for part three.

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  • Idontlikeit2

    Hi everyone! This is my second blog post, so don't expect it to be super helpful.

    Doesn't this remind you of elsa's ice stairs?

    Alright... For this project, if you come prepared it might take about three days, if not, like me ( wahh wahh ) it might take a week. NOT IN HUMAN DAYS, OBVIOUSLY!

    Supplies: quite a lot of wood, axe to mine wood, stairs (might as well take up a whole day to make these, and make them look good, or else it would all be a waste) which I suggest lapis lazuli, marble, glass, etc or something you think looks better. glass is easiest. Also a lot of glass blocks, the view will be breathtaking for your blockhead, torches, and about two blockheads that are not afraid of heights... Ugh. Not me :(

    Ok, so once you picked your star…

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  • Idontlikeit2

    Scorpions! uh-oh

    April 1, 2015 by Idontlikeit2

    Yesterday I learned how dangerous scorpions could be. Once I was exploring really long ago and saw scorpions, but I avoided them by digging under them. I also found a drop of poison before from a dead scorpion.

    But yesterday I had some copper bow and arrows, and I was determined to kill them. There's this random acre of sand near my portal, and it's neither a desert or a beach. I'm nowhere close to one, so I don't know why it's there. In fact, there were no cacti until I planted them myself.

    Anyways, I didn't notice the scorpions until one got so close to me i nearly stepped on it. I freaked out! I got Fryjimd, my third blockhead to build a sandy wall and start shooting one of them.I later learned the wall was unnecessary. Well he killed two…

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