Yesterday I learned how dangerous scorpions could be. Once I was exploring really long ago and saw scorpions, but I avoided them by digging under them. I also found a drop of poison before from a dead scorpion.

But yesterday I had some copper bow and arrows, and I was determined to kill them. There's this random acre of sand near my portal, and it's neither a desert or a beach. I'm nowhere close to one, so I don't know why it's there. In fact, there were no cacti until I planted them myself.

Anyways, I didn't notice the scorpions until one got so close to me i nearly stepped on it. I freaked out! I got Fryjimd, my third blockhead to build a sandy wall and start shooting one of them.I later learned the wall was unnecessary. Well he killed two, and nearly died-i hate that music-and then it was nighttime. I quickly went back home. I knew that scorpions attack at night.

The next "day" I noticed the arrows were almost out. So I crafted a new one (took two "days") and shot at the last one. Well, I shouldn't have crafted the new one, because my old one still worked. Well, at least I got four drops of poison!

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