Orange tree wood

Orange tree wood

Wood is a resource found by chopping trees down. It can be made into many items requiring wood in the item-making process.

How to get wood Edit

You can get wood by using your hand or crafting an axe. An axe is more efficient because it gets the work done faster.

Using the Wood:Edit

The following items can be made using a Woodwork Bench:    

Note: There is no upgrade for the Woodwork Bench, therefore all the items below can be made.

  • Ladder (requires 1 wood, makes 10)
  • Chest (requires 1 wood)
  • Reinforced platform (requires 1 wood and 1 iron ingot, makes 5)
  • Door (requires 3 wood)
  • Bed (requires 3 wood)
  • Trapdoor (requires 1 wood and 1 ladder)

With Wood and other components for a specific item, there are more uses for it using other benches. The following are listed using wood and other components:

Wooden House Warning Edit

If your house is made of wood, make sure there is no campfire in the house or near it. The house will burn. I recommend building a separate, non-flammable building (maybe of stone, limestone or brick etc. Put your campfire. A non-flammable room may also be good. Edit